“Aesthetic is not necessarily the most important aspect we are looking for,” says Kim Hoffman. “We are interested in the genuine nature of the work and the story behind it, the why and/or how it was created. The idea is to pass these stories on to the public or the collectors and make the artist and the artwork more than just another pretty picture.”

“Our dream,” Kim continued, “would be to enable even one artist to be financially secure from their artwork, as well as emotionally separated from the commercial art world, and at the same time, to guide new collectors into the intriguing world of the artist and inspire them to not just buy an object, but to get to know a fellow human being.”

“it is fascinating to follow a piece of artwork throughout its journey and see how its significance and/or meaning can change. This can happen in the artist’s studio while still in progress, on the exhibit wall or when someone decides to purchase the work.
Also, the people we work with are amazing and it’s just a lot of fun too.”

-- Kim Hoffman, August 2008
Interview by Damien James for New City



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