Portrait by Ervin Colored Pencil on Paper
8" x 10"

Keep It Close Cut Wood, Wormy Maple
22" x 10"

Sighn, a Chicago based artist, is an integral part of Multi Polar Projects. His typography work has been featured in international magazines and books, with a full feature in an upcoming book out of Barcelona, Typo, due to release in October. Sighn's goal is to return to the roots of text and communication, attempting to find the most basic and essential elements to express emotion.

I'm Really Sorry Cut Wood, MDF, Paint
23" x 19"


A Matter of Time Cut Wood, Aspen
10" x 23"
How Were We To Know Cut Wood, MDF, Paint
11.5" x 13.5"
Long After Cut Wood, Zebra Wood, Paint, 18K Gold Paint
4" x 5"
Bye The Way Cut Wood, MDF, Paint
4" x 2"
Shake That Ass Cut Wood, MDF, Paint
5" x 5"
Do You Feel The Same? Cut Wood, Dark Walnut, Paint
24" x 7"
Forgive Cut Wood, Zebra Wood, 18K Gold Paint
4" x 18.5"
Better Left Unsaid Cut Wood, Zebra Wood, Paint
5" x 20"
With Sawdust in My Lungs... Cut Wood, White Oak
22" x 4"
This Isn't So Easy Cut Wood, Mahogany
12" x 10"
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Cut Wood, MDF, Paint
16" x 7"
It's OK Various Cut Wood, Ed of 1 Million (25 Available)
2" x 3.5"
Fleeting Moments After Fleeting Moments Cut Wood, Aspen, Paint
12" x 12"