Portrait by Ervin Colored Pencil on Paper (Framed) 8" x 10"


How I'll Remember You Watercolor on Paper 9" x 12"

Erika Somogyi, a New Yorker working in Queens, received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Somogyi is influenced by nature, found photographs, travel and cinema and creates ambiguous narratives to explore themes of love, hope, transition and uncertainty. The dreamlike paintings, mostly on paper using watercolor and gouache, capture a mood using color, light and shadow.

Untitled (Misty Forest 1) Watercolor, Gouache on Paper 11" x 14"


Untitled (Misty Forest 2) Watercolor, Gouache on Paper 11" x 14"
Moonlit Travels Watercolor on Paper with Collage 13" x 16"
Acid Rain Watercolor, Gouache on Paper with Collage 10" x 22"